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Datapaq® Insight Software Confirms CQI-9 Pyrometry Compliance

Juli 11, 2008

In order to meet CQI-9 compliance, all automotive manufacturers must comply with the pyrometry specifications of AMS 2750D. Datapaq’s Furnace Tracker Insight™ Survey software was made to comply with all AMS 2750D specifications. Therefore, Insight will meet the required specifications of CQI-9 pyrometry as well.

Confirm CQI-9 compliance using Insight software:

  • Real-Time Feedback – Software detects stabilization and completion of survey; reducing survey time and minimizing downtime for the furnace
  • Logger Correction Factors – Wizards guide you through the set up of logger and thermocouple correction factors that can be saved for future surveys. Software confirms that both data logger and thermocouple corrections have been applied
  • Alarms – Over-shoot alarm indicates if one or more thermocouples exceed the set point. If using telemetry, three additional alarms can be used to indicate when thermocouples are in tolerance, when stability has been achieved, and when the specified survey time is complete
  • Complete Documentation – A full report complying to AMS 2750D is available with a single click of the mouse. Print and save for future audits
  • Password Protection – Meets security requirements


Founded in 1984, Datapaq, a Fluke company, has joined Ircon and Raytek as Global Experts in Temperature Measurement & Profiling. Datapaq manufactures in-process temperature profiling systems that provide key information on the effectiveness of industrial heating processes. Using the most advanced and tested techniques for accurately gathering and storing information, Datapaq has created industry specific standards to analyze, synthesize and report information in a precise and succinct manner. Recognized as an industry leader, our products serve automotive, finishing, solar manufacturing, can manufacturing, textile processing, ceramic manufacturing, PCB surface mounting, heat-treating, and food processing industries throughout the world. For more information, visit, or

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